All good jeans have a story to tell–and our story starts in Winnipeg in 1921 at Western Glove Works, a family run business founded by the Silver family. Western Glove Works is now the oldest privately held denim producer in North America. The Silvers were expert denim manufacturers, crafting blue jeans, work jackets and coveralls for the Canadian workwear market. That’s over 100 years of craft at your service.

By the 1980s, Western Glove Works was producing high quality denim for a number of private labels you've known and loved. With all those years of experience under their belt it was time to launch a new venture and put their craftsmanship and superior knowledge of denim to the test with their very own label. Silver Jeans Co. launched in 1991 and the rest is history.

The Start of Silvers

The denim revolution that began in the 90s saw a departure from the more conservative denim styles of the previous decades and began to embrace a more creative expression of what great denim could be. Grunge, streetwear, and a lean towards more casual styles meant that suddenly loose-fitting, distressed, and worn-in denim became the rage in the streets and music videos, with baggy jeans, oversized denim jackets, and denim overalls becoming staples in the wardrobes of young people everywhere.

And then there was Frisco–bursting out of the grunge scene, Silver’s very first pair of unisex jeans. Frisco went on to sell 2 million pairs, and Silver quickly became a household name in the denim revolution that was to mark the next 30 years and counting of fashion. So, when we bring back 90s and 00s styles, know that we’re not just jumping on a “trend”, we were actually there when they first happened.

A Century of Fit

100 years later and we’ve still got your butt. And we’ve got it covered for many, many more. While we’re proud to look back, we’re more excited about what’s next. Because this is your denim for days, nights, and every adventure in between. 

Check out our fresh new 00s and 90s styles that pay homage to that exciting decade of denim.  

Here’s to a century of denim and all the stories still to come.

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