#1 Wear Often, Wash Less

If you love your denim like we hope you do, we recommend washing only every 3-4 wears. Denim is durable and oftentimes looks even better with wear.

#2 Inside Out, Always

When you do wash your denim, make sure to turn it inside out. This will help maintain its truest wash shade for the longest amount of time.

#3 Cold Water Only

Always use cold water when washing, period. This helps maintain its indigo shade and prevents shrinkage while also saving energy, money and the planet—score!

#4 Turn To A Gentle Cycle

When it comes to washing, the less movement the better. Turn the machine to gentle cycle, and if possible, pull out before the spin cycle.

#5 Use A Mild Detergent

Try to use a mild detergent rather than one with harsh chemicals to prolong the wash.

#6 Hang Dry

We love to hang dry our jeans—it saves energy and prevents any shrinkage. If you must use a dryer, turn the machine to tumble dry with no heat.

#7 Spot Clean

Got a stain that needs tending to? Spot clean with a mild soap instead of washing the whole pair.

#8 Give Old Jeans A New Life

When you’ve just worn them enough, give them a new life by donating, recycling or passing along to a friend.