Our men’s collection features three fabric categories, all with varying levels of comfort, softness and stretch to cater to different preferences and lifestyles. The fabric’s features are determined by the process in which the fabric is made, not the fabric content itself.

Performance Stretch

This denim has the highest level of stretch but doesn’t stretch out, and is designed for those who are always on the go, providing ultimate flexibility and mobility. Recommended if… you’re always on the go and need a jean that moves with you.


  • Ultimate flexibility and mobility
  • Stretches without stretching out

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Ultimate Stretch

This fabric has the look of traditional denim and the feel of super-soft sweats, making it perfect for the guy who values comfort and versatility. Recommended if… you wish you could wear your favorite sweats 24/7.


  • Authentic denim look
  • Soft plush knit backing

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Comfort Stretch

This fabric is the perfect everyday, go-to denim featuring just the right amount of stretch for a laid-back, comfortable feel. Recommended if… you want that classic authentic denim look and all-day comfort.


  • A little bit of stretch for comfort
  • Great for everyday wear

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