Family Comes First

In 1991, Silver Jeans Co. was founded on three core principles. So we created the Trine, a symbolic icon inspired by three loops of thread surrounding a needle. Shop select styles featuring the Trine on the back pocket to rep our brand heritage.

Our Principles

Learn more about the core brand values that inspired the Trine brand icon.

Family Comes First

The family first mentality is strongly interwoven into our heritage. Founded by the Silver family in 1921, Silver Jeans Co. continues to be a family-owned business today. Our close-knit family values are extended throughout the company and to you, our Family of Friends.

The Perfect Fit

Since day one, fit has been our focus. We understand that every body, no matter shape or size, deserves a pair of jeans that makes them feel good. We’re committed to creating a variety of fits, ensuring that our world of denim always welcomes everyone.

Expert Craftsmanship

Long-lasting denim is what we do best. We handcraft every detail so that our jeans are ones you’ll wear for years to come. We’re dedicated to craftsmanship while constantly innovating to ensure every technique is the best and most sustainable it can be.

The Trine