From pockets to waistbands, grading to measurements, we think of everything when it comes to crafting the perfect-fitting jean. Read on for a few design elements we put into every single pair to make them one of a kind.

Unique Pocketing

  • Each back pocket is hand placed and sized depending on the fit and waist size, guaranteeing a flattering and proportional look with every pair.

Unrivaled Authenticity

  • All washes, sanding, grinding and destruction details are created using by-hand methods to achieve a lived-in look and feel.
  • Our designers pre-wash, pre-bleed, pre-shrink and purposely age every garment by hand for authenticity.

Outstanding Durability

  • Every stitch, seam and belt loop is reinforced to ensure they won’t rip or pull away, withstanding even the most rugged wear and tear.

Hand Selected Hardware

  • Each button, rivet and piece of hardware is selected by our design team depending on the denim fit, style and wash to ensure every pair is created with an authentic, cohesive look.

Proportional Grading

  • We design each men’s style based on the percentage of stretch in the denim fabric, ensuring every fit is consistent regardless of the fabric.
  • We freeze our leg opening grading for sizes at the ends of the size spectrum to ensure it isn’t too wide or too narrow.

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