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Get to Know Our Spring Collection: Meet Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill

We’ve got fresh collections for a brand new season. This season, we’re introducing two new adventure-seekers to the world; helping you get out there and feel fabulous(ly comfortable) at the same time. Spring is for the free spirits and free drinks (spritz with extra spritz for me, pls). So whether you’re traveling to a new city, or tripping and stumbling accidentally into your fav neighborhood pub (it happens), do it fearlessly in Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill– brand new collections ready to take your S/S 2024 to uncharted levels of comfort and style.

The best way to get to know someone new? Well, talk to them of course. While our denim may be stylish as hell, it hasn't learnt to talk yet so we have the next best thing: our denim whisperer and head of design, Janice Marks.

Read on to hear from Janice about our brand new collections Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill and why they might just be (this is modest, we know they will be) the perfect partner in crime for your S/S season.

So say it with us: Winter Spring is coming, and it’s time to rock it in comfort.

“Spring ‘24 has an Indie Spirit”

New Styles. New technology. New levels of comfort.

While the themes of January 2024 may have been: 1. dry everything, 2. another mercury retrograde (how is this possible?), and 3. that resolution that you tried for a week and decided was too boring, S/S 2024 comes with much better vibes. “Spring ‘24 has an Indie Spirit,” Janice tells us, “with vintage inspired references in the softest fabrications.” So while January may have been punishing (and so very, very cold) S/S 2024 comes with new adventures on the horizon in warmer weather, more comfort, and vintage styles that feel fresh and exciting.

Janice’s design ethos is to “create jeans that are your trusted best friend,” and both Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill have that adventure spirit and unwavering companionship in every stitch. But what does “trusted best friend” mean for denim exactly? Well, while we’d love for you to be chatting away to your jeans like you would your other BFFs, a denim BFF comes with slightly different requirements.

“First we need designs that allow you to express your individuality, “ Janice says. “Then comfort so you can wear these designs for all aspects of your life, and lastly a price that is within reach.” Check, check, and check. So with this in mind, Janice created the new fabulously stylish and supremely comfortable collections, Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill, primed to be your next partner in crime.

Welcome to the family you gorgeous, gorgeous things.

Meet Essential Twill

These aren’t your dad’s cargos (but they could be, if he’s super cool). Our new Essential Twill collection is a superior, lightweight option with a vintage look crafted with today’s adventures in mind. These are wear-all-day and up-all-night styles.

For their unique look, the broken twill is microsanded to achieve a soft, supple feel and is then vintage dyed—giving all the styles in the collection a perfect lived-in look, with sturdy stretch for comfort.

From a coast-to-coast road trip, to that party you will ‘try and pop by later’--Essential Twill is where vintage style meets effortless comfort for wherever the day/night takes you.

Meet Luxe Stretch

Spoiler: we think we may have just created liquid denim–Janice says this absolutely is not the technical term but allow us to explain: Luxe Stretch denim is soft and super stretchy, keeping its shape while conforming to yours.  

“We created denim that feels like sweatpants but is refined, polished, and infused with true denim characteristics,” Janice explains. Here softness and stretch retention live in perfect scientific harmony to give you the right level of supreme buttery comfort, while maintaining your body’s shape. 

So whether you’re looking for jeans for a hike that’s also a date so need to look cute and be comfortable; jeans to wear to that brunch that spirals gracefully out of control and lasts a full 9 hours; or you’re just a taurus who wants to look hot while you eat and nap at the same time (no judgment, we love you for it). Say hello to denim that has already learnt the shape of you and is primed for every adventure that comes your way. 

We couldn’t be more proud to release these new collections to the world, and couldn’t be more excited to see where you take them. Make sure to tag us on social so we can live vicariously through every adventure. 

And remember: life’s too short for bad jeans. Discover comfort and style with Luxe Stretch and Essential Twill.

Life’s too short for bad jeans

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