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compton, California

Sherri Johnson is a wife, mother and entrepreneur who turned her passion for helping people into a fulfilling career as a personal trainer. “I love inspiring people, women especially, and empowering them to discover both their inner and physical strengths,” she shared. “Now that my kids are raised, I get to focus on myself again and provide that same feeling and confidence to other women. It’s really satisfying.” But that wasn’t always her plan. Sherri started out as a runway model and transitioned to a hairdresser before landing where she is today. “It’s crazy because when you’re young, you never think that you’ll end up where you actually do.”

While inspiring women is her passion, Sherri’s family remains a priority in her everyday life. You actually met her son, Chase, earlier in the season during our last interview feature. Together, they brought such a positive light to our campaign and are proof that we really do fit each and every body, no matter age, preferences or lifestyle. If there’s one thing we learned from Sherri, it’s that it is possible to do it all—have a family, be successful and live life to the fullest. Explore more about Sherri, her family and her favorite Silver Jeans Co. fit below.

Sherri is wearing Tuesday, Most Wanted
and High Note in a size 28

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Describe yourself
in one word.


Describe your personal
style in one word.


Describe your body
type in one word.


What’s your favorite thing
about your body?

I like my legs, my mouth, my eyes – I just love myself! It took a long time to get there but I do!

How often do you
wear jeans?

Every day! A lot of people wear leggings but I wear them for work so I don’t want to wear them out and about too. That’s why I love jeans!


What is the most common
fit problem you have when
trying on jeans?

I’m tall and lean but after having children, I have a mommy waist. I have to be careful of size because when I try them on, they usually fit in the waist then after a few wears they start to grow and stretch out.

What’s your
favorite Silver
Jeans Co. fit?

The High Note. The high rise was really flattering and made my butt look good. And that’s always important!

What makes it
better than other jeans
you’ve tried?

I like the amount of stretch they had, but they don’t stretch out like others! They felt comfortable, fit perfect, and actually stayed that way. Plus, the stretch allowed me to drop down a size which was great!


If you could describe the
way you feel in our jean
with one word, what
would it be?


How has your style or taste
in jeans evolved over the years?

I’ve always worn jeans, any kind of jeans, and my style tends to just evolve with the trends. Skinny, bellbottom, even elephant ear jeans—you name it, I wore them. They’ve always been a go-to for me because they have so much flexibility and I can dress them up or down depending on your plans.

Tell us what family
means to you.

Family is everything to me. Being a mother, everything that I wanted to do had to go on the back burner because I needed to make sure my sons were able to rise above and achieve their dreams. I didn’t have that support when I was growing up, so it was extremely important to me to be able to provide that to them.

Describe Chase in
one word.


How has Chase influenced your style?

You know what’s so funny – I used to be very stylish. Then when I had kids, I felt like I was stuck in “mom style”. So now that they’re grown, I’m able to have my own style again. So I guess he influenced me in a way, to start dressing for myself again.


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