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30 years old /
dallas, texas

Ryn Higgins is a 30-year-old originally from Dallas, Texas. At age 13, she told her Dad she was going to move to LA, live by the beach and become a movie star. Little did he know that’s exactly where she would end up, though not exactly as planned. Ryn is now a full-time plus-size model—but as most dreams go, it didn’t happen overnight. “Growing up, I was overweight and didn’t feel confident,” Ryn shared. “However, I always knew there was something charismatic about me, and I wanted to share that with people.” Coming to LA sparked a new confidence and sense of self in Ryn. She learned it was okay to be exactly who she was and to love her body, ultimately allowing herself to shine and excel in her career.

When asked to describe herself in one word, her answer is simple: happy. And it shows. Read on below to learn a little bit more about Ryn, her favorite fit from the collection and how Silver Jeans Co. has remained a staple in her wardrobe for over a decade.

Ryn is wearing the Suki & Boyfriend fits in a size 16

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How would you
describe your personal
style in one word?

That’s a hard one – I would say comfortable. I like to wear things that make me feel like me. So it’s comfortable in the way that it’s all my own.

How would you
describe your body
type in one word?

A wonderland… haha! No but really, again, I would say it’s just me. It’s been with me my whole life and it’s been through so much. I think it’s a disservice to just describe it in one word.

How often do
you wear jeans?

Every day. I can’t think of a single day I don’t wear jeans. Except for days I just stay in bed all day—don’t we all love those days once in a while?


What’s the most
common fit problem
you have when trying
on jeans?

I feel like I keep my legs pretty toned because I’m so active, but I’ve got a butt and I’ve got hips. I have a hard time finding something that fits my legs as well as it fits my hips and butt. It’s difficult to find a pair that fits all the contours of my body.

What exactly do you
look for in a perfect pair
of jeans?

I’m drawn to colors, so I love a good dark wash. As far as fit, I like a tapered, more narrow leg because I feel like that flatters me the best. I also like a simple pocket. Basically, I want a pair that highlights the best of me. I really do feel proud to show off my body and I want a pair that does that.


What’s your favorite
Silver Jeans Co. fit?

The Suki Skinny is by far my favorite. I really love the way that it tapered down my leg. It gave me that perfect skinny jean look and feel, but I didn’t have to compromise the fit around my waist and hips either. It really fit where I wanted it to. The rise is really great and it shows off my butt and all the squats I’ve been doing.

What do you like
about the fit, fabric or
style and what makes
it better than other
jeans you’ve tried?

Gapping is a big problem for me, but these had no gapping. They just stood out as jeans that fit me really well. I have an hourglass shape—I’m smaller around the waist and then voluptuous around the middle. I could feel the cinched waist, which none of my other jeans really have.

If you could describe
the way you feel in
our jean with one word,
what would it be?

How about three words—made for me.


Do you have any good
memories with Silver Jeans Co.?

Actually yes. When I was younger in middle school, about 15 years ago, my dad took me to Buckle to look for jeans. I was finally ready to move away from the department store mom jeans and be a little more fashion forward. I got a pair of Silver Jeans and a Silver Jeans Co. denim jacket.

It fits like a glove and I still wear it to this day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a jacket that fits me so perfectly—the shoulders, the chest, the waist. I wore it all the time and still do, and I continue to get so many compliments. Someone has literally offered to buy it off my body, that’s how well it fits. And they assume it will look as great on them, but I like to think it was made just for me and my body. I’ve had it for 15 years and I think it’s made so well, I’ll be able to wear it for another 15.

that’s how well it fits. And they assume it will look as great on them, but I like to think it was made just for me and my body. I’ve had it for 15 years and I think it’s made so well, I’ll be able to wear it for another 15.


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