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60 years old /
amsterdam, holland

When asked to describe himself in one word, Rudy Verwey explained that was impossible, and after getting to know him, we would have to agree. Rudy is a 60-year-old originally from Amsterdam, Holland. Living in Paris and New York before finally planting roots and starting a family in Los Angeles, Rudy has done it all—he was a crooner, a painter, a jewelry maker, sold sculptures to the Whitney and even had a tattoo shop. He currently spends most of his time backstage, working sound systems for some of music’s greatest legends. “If I knew I was going to get this old, I would have maybe been a little more dangerous, but I’ve proudly done a little bit of everything. My passions are everywhere.”

Read on below to learn a little bit more about Rudy, his style evolution over the years and why Konrad is his go-to fit.

Rudy is wearing the Taavi,
Konrad and Kenaston fits in a size 30

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How would you
describe your personal
style in one word?

Cool. Kids always ask me how I got so “cool”. My response is that you get cool when you stop trying. When you truly stop trying, that’s when you become cool. Don’t try and be cool. There are some things you just can’t fake—you can’t fake being smart, you can’t fake being funny, you can’t fake being rich, you sure can’t fake being cool, just be cool. That’s good advice.

How has your
style evolved over
the years?

I’ve always been a stylish guy. I used to be a little more rough around the edges, ripped jeans—the grunge look was big. I think I’ve cleaned up my look a bit and go for more classic pieces that still have a little edge. It always has to have that extra something. I’ve also learned to mix highs and lows. An expensive coat or watch with a more dressed down tee and jeans is what I like. Don’t be scared of juxtaposition—if anything it makes it look real. Things don’t have to match if they’re far enough apart. Together, the juxtaposition somehow works.

How would you
describe your body
type in one word?

Fabulous. I feel like I have the body of an 18 year old!

How often do you
wear jeans?

Every day.

What is the most common fit problem you have when trying on jeans?

I’m slim but I’m fairly tall. It’s hard to me to find jeans that fit my waist and legs but that are also long enough.


What exactly do you
look for in a perfect
pair of jeans?

I want a pair that’s body conscious but not like stockings or jeggings. I think I’m too old for that. I also want a pair that keeps its shape and doesn’t stretch out or shrink. I want it to fit the same every time I put them on.

What’s your
favorite Silver
Jeans Co. fit?

I like Konrad the best. The fit was just right, and the rise was right too. I had space in the knees but it was still slim. I also love wearing them bunched at the ankle. They fit perfectly.

What makes it
better than other jeans
you’ve tried?

Most of the time when I try on a slim or skinny jean there is no give in the knees. These were slim but had stretch so they gave me room in the knees and room to actually move around.


If you could describe the
way you feel in our jean
with one word, what
would it be?

Home. It felt like home. It felt good. It didn’t feel like I was wearing someone else’s jeans when I first put them on.

Do you have any
good memories
with jeans?

I got married in jeans 37 years ago! My then wife and I were always more casual, so she wore a printed dress and I wore white jeans. We were never the traditional type and kind of broke the mold a little bit.


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