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18 years old /
laguna beach, california

Lily Yeung is an 18 year-old art student who combined her love for both style and environmental science to study sustainable fashion practices. Lily’s passion for art is derived from her strong family heritage, with her mom being Native American and her dad Chinese. “I’m so fascinated about how natural dye is used in so many different cultures, and I want to share that with the world,” she explained. Lily’s Navaho roots still remain a strong part of her everyday life, as she often visits the reservation in New Mexico where her mom currently resides. There, she helps in their work with children teaching them creative skills and crafts like jewelry making to help expand their opportunities for the future.

Let’s get to know Lily a little bit better and find out what fit flatters her most, below!

Lily is wearing the Calley and Suki fits in a size 24

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Describe yourself
in a few words.

Creative. Thoughtful. Intuitive.

How would
you describe your
personal style in
one word?


How would
you describe your
body type in one


What’s your
favorite thing
about your body?

My cheekbones.


What is the most
common fit problem
you have when trying
on jeans?

I don’t like my jeans too tight or restricting. Most jeans my size are super skinny and stretchy and they end up being too tight. Also if the rise is too low they don’t sit at the right spot on my hips.

What exactly
do you look for in
a perfect pair of jeans?

My perfect pair would be super- high waisted and fitted at my waist. Stretchy but not too stretchy to the point where they are tight. And a little bit cropped.

What’s your
favorite Silver
Jeans Co. fit?

I really like the Calley because the high waist feels super comfortable and flattering. I like the way that it holds the top part of my waist in and shapes my hips. The fabric also allows me to move really well and its not too restricting. It’s perfect.


What makes it
better than other jeans
you’ve tried?

Even though I’m slim, I have a bit of a curve. I really feel like the waist hits at the right spot and the hip and thigh area expands where I need it to. Not all jeans can create that shape.

If you could describe
the way you feel in
our jean with one
word, what would
it be?



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