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24 years old /
San Diego, California

Chase Johnson is a University of Southern California alumni whose passion lies in filmmaking. With a degree in creative writing, Chase graduated and founded his own production company, The Scribble Room, whose mission is to give a voice to the voiceless through the art of film and storytelling. “I love using my imagination to tell stories. I wanted to create a brand that speaks to people but was still authentic to me, one that was raw and brought a unique energy to the film industry. We share stories about people you don’t see stories about—it’s been an awesome journey.”

When he isn’t concepting his next big idea or creating inspirational content, you can most likely find Chase studying history and global cultures, listening to a variety of music from jazz to electronic or writing poetry. Chase is a creative, an artist and a free spirit with a unique perspective that shines through in everything he does.

Read more about Chase, his personal style and go-to Silver Jeans Co. fit below.

Chase is wearing the Taavi,
Allan and Konrad in a size 32

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How would you
describe yourself in
one word?


How would you
describe your personal
style in one word?


How would you describe
your body type in
one word?


Describe your perfect
pair of jeans.

My perfect pair probably has a dark rinse wash, fits nice and lean but still has a little stretch, especially around the calf so it doesn’t hug too tight. Not too loose like dad jeans but with just a little bit of flow.


What’s your favorite
thing about your

My height, but it comes with some challenges. People always say that being tall is dope, but they don’t realize that brands don’t make a lot of things in my size. It’s hard shopping as a tall, lean person. But I’ve learned how to adapt and make my height and body normal to me. I’m 6'6". No one teaches you how to be 6'6" – you just have to learn yourself.

What’s the most common
fit problem you have when
trying on jeans?

It’s usually around the legs that it gets weird for me. Im a 32” waist but like I said, I’m really tall. I can usually find my waist size but it’s rare that I find it in the right length too.

What’s your
favorite Silver
Jeans Co. fit?

The Konrad for sure. I liked it because it just fit and the wash was super clean. This pair is definitely one I could rock and feel comfortable and cozy wherever I go.


What makes it
better than other jeans
you’ve tried?

It was slim and lean but still had some room in the knee and calf which felt really good. Most of the time it’s one or the other—slim or baggy but this one has a good amount of both.

If you could describe the
way you feel in our jean
with one word, what would it be?



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